Mold Found During Condo Inspection

condo mold damage in Utah home

Mold Inspection Finds Mold In Utah Condo

Video Transcript

We’re in this condo and here to clean up some mold. I first inspected at a couple months ago. The perspective buyer followed through and bought it. And now she’s hired us to come in and clean up the mold. So it’s got a kitchen here. Actually there was a water damage event that came from the unit above and the inside of a lot of these cabinets are swollen.

There’s a little bit of mold visible in some of them, There’s quite a bit of mold visible in the top of this pantry area here. As the sellers were getting it ready to sell, they made everything look really nice and new, including a brand new countertop that unfortunately has to come out and may not be saveable. But there’s mold in the cabinets under the cabinets and a couple of other places.

Removing Mold From Your Utah Condo

It’s easy to say that you’ll call a professional if you find mold in your house. It’s harder to actually do it. I know because I’ve definitely wanted to call a professional for this situation, but I didn’t especially want to spend the money on a professional, so I did nothing. And that was a big mistake.

Mold is dangerous and can cause health problems, and it’s better to have the mold removed as soon as possible, not only so you can breathe easier but also because mold will spread VERY quickly under the right conditions. If you wait too long, you could find yourself having to throw out some very expensive furniture or suffer greater damage to your house.

A professional is trained to handle removing mold in the best way possible and will know how to take care of your home so it won’t get worse. Even if the area affected by the mold is small, calling a professional is still recommended–it’s better to be safe than sorry!

If you have mold in your home, you need to remove it. Not kill it.

If you’re reading this and you have mold, you’re probably feeling overwhelmed by the thought of getting rid of it. You’re thinking about how long it might take to get rid of all the mold, how much it will cost, and how much longer you’ll have to live in a toxic environment.

How did you end up with mold in your house? It’s important that we go there first because if you have a mold problem, you probably didn’t mean to. We’ve all been there—you move into a new place and notice a spot or two on your walls. But sometimes they don’t just go away on their own. So why is that? What causes mold to grow?

If you have a moisture problem, then it’s very likely that it’s still there—that’s what makes it a problem! If there’s water leaking from the ceiling, or from the floorboards into your walls, then where is that water going to go?

But don’t worry! There is hope for you yet! Mold can be removed safely and effectively. A professional mold removal company can come into your home and use special equipment to extract the moisture from your walls

Mold is a serious problem that occurs when dampness mixes with an organic substance such as wood, paper, or food. You might think that mold only grows in the summer, but even cold winter climates can get mold if they’re not properly insulated. All you need to do is let some water leak into your condo before you know it’s there, and one day you’ll be opening the closet door to find a big patch of green or black fuzz on your favorite pants.

If you have mold in your condo, call The Flood Co. at 801-294-7452 for help. Whether you’ve noticed a musty smell or your home inspector has told you that your apartment has mold, calling The Flood Co. is the right thing to do. We know how to handle mold removal in Salt Lake City and Sandy.

The Flood Co. is a locally owned and operated business, with plenty of experience handling these jobs. We understand the humidity issues of our climate, as well as the many reasons mold can start growing in your home or business.

If you suspect that you have mold in your condo, call The Flood Co. at 801-294-7452 for help.

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