Water Damage Restoration Park City, Utah

If your home or commercial location has just been flooded, you are probably wondering what to do from here. The damage is becoming more extensive with every passing second, so the first step will be to shut off the water or take whatever steps you can to stop the flood.

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Water Damage Remediation in Park City, Utah & Summit County

If the flooding is more than you can clean up with a mop and bucket in under half an hour, you may need to call in the experts in water damage restoration Park City Utah. Professional water restoration services offer a variety of solutions to minimize the damage to your property and belongings.

The following is an overview of some of the elements in our water damage restoration process.


Many years of experience have provided our technicians with a fluidity of mind that allows the underlying problems and threats to be detected easily. Additionally, we have special tools and instruments for evaluating water and moisture levels.

The first thing a water reduction team will do is inspect and evaluate the damage. Professionals have special tools and instruments to measure the dampness of the home.

Stop Further Damage

The longer your property is underwater, the more extensive the damage. You can expect our able-bodied crew to spring into action to save furniture, delicate objects, and anything else we can. Once any standing water has been removed, dehumidifiers will remove the water soaked into floors, walls, ceilings, and other furniture.
Standing Water Removal

Another one of the first steps will be to use our special pumps, bins, and buckets to haul all standing water away. This is the most crucial part of the process and must be done with care to not complicate the problem.

Once we have removed all the water from the vicinity we can then begin the drying process. Here we will use industry-leading equipment to shorten the amount of drying time as much as possible. We have air movers and blowers that will essentially turn the indoor area into a wind tunnel.


Often flood water will come from highly polluted or contaminated water and will require intense cleaning to remove all toxins and pathogens. Our team of flood control professionals is equipped with potent yet environmentally safe cleaning agents to ensure your property is left perfectly sanitary.

We will conduct a monitoring routine at given intervals throughout the process. This will ensure that the process is progressing at the right speed and that no humidity is being left unchecked.


Finally, once our work is complete and all water and potential contaminants have been effectively removed we will perform a final wipe down with a clean cloth before removing all of our equipment and returning your property to its original state. We will perform final humidity checks to ensure that the moisture has been effectively removed and confirm that our valued customer is 100% satisfied with our performance.

Final Notes On Water Damage Restoration Park City

Water damage can get serious fast so never take any chances. If you’re in the Park City Utah area and facing a water-related catastrophe great or small. Call the professionals at The Flood Co.


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