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Mold Removal Ogden Utah

Mold is bacteria invading your house. Some people believe mold to be completely harmless. They are sadly mistaken. Even yellow mold, which is known to be the most harmless, can offset respiratory and allergy problems. Mold can also greatly reduce the value of your home. The effects are aesthetically unpleasing and can also worry a buyer about health concerns. Mold may be a sign of another problem. It is created when moisture is present in the wall. This can happen through broken pipes, leaks in the roof, and unwelcome critters living there. Mold should be treated right away if it occurs.

Mold And Health: It’s Important To Choose Mold Removal Ogden Utah To Protect It

Mold can greatly affect the health of the occupants inside the home. This organic material comes with toxins, allergens, and irritants that can leave your body feeling uncomfortable. We at The Flood Co, take the health of our clients very seriously. It is important for you to be aware of everything that might happen when you are exposed to mold. Here are some of the effects that mold can have:

  • Itching Of The Skin
  • Runny Nose
  • Asthma Attacks
  • Linked To Dementia
  • Respiratory Issues
  • Nasal Irritation
  • Headaches

Black mold is the most toxic and can even be life-threatening. Customers coming to us with concerns about black mold are our top priority. Those who have black mold present in the home should evacuate until the problem can be resolved.

What We Can Do To Help With Mold Removal Ogden Utah

First, a mold inspection will take place. We will answer a few questions that may indicate that mold is present. Once this is done, proper testing will take place to see if your home is inhabited by mold. The type of mold will also be diagnosed to help us understand the level of danger to your health. Those with highly toxic mold are given first priority.

We will check to see if the area that has mold on it is currently damp. This could mean that there is a chance the amount of mold will increase rapidly. There may also be something responsible for causing the moisture that has to be resolved. The source needs to be corrected after the mold removal to ensure that no further mold issues will take place.

Removing mold is a physical process. While chemicals may be involved, they are not enough to make sure all mold is removed. Mold removal may involve removing the part of the wall where the mold has grown. Soft and rotted materials need to be taken out to decrease the chance of mold coming up again. This is true even if these structures do not currently have mold on them.

A vacuum, called the HEPA Vacuum, is used to suck up mold on materials that are going to be kept. All of our workers will be wearing protective materials. Mold removal should not be done by yourself as there is a great risk to your health.

Trust The Flood Co. With Your Mold Removal

Treating your home for mold will make sure the issue will never happen again. We strive to do that. Those who wait for risk further damage to their health. We understand all the concerns and will work to explain this process thoroughly.

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