Park City Utah Mold Testing

If you suspect that your Park City Utah home may have a mold problem, contact us to schedule mold testing or mold inspection services. Mold can grow very quickly and it adversely affect both the health of those on the property and the value of your home.

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Mold Testing in Park City, Utah and Summit County

Mold can cause a variety of health issues, especially for those who suffer from allergies or conditions such as asthma. For people like this mold can cause difficulty in breathing and in severe cases can even require hospitalization. Even for those who are otherwise healthy exposure to mold spores and other organic matter produced by mold can cause skin rashes, adverse functioning of the respiratory system, coughing, sneezing, and weeping eyes.

However, it is not only flooding that can cause mold to grow. Houses in Park City can have other sources of moisture that can malfunction and cause humidity to rise. Leaking pipes, a problem geyser, or even a leaking roof can all be sources of moisture that can cause a mold problem.

Adding to the challenge of dealing with mold is the fact that although mold can be clearly visible on surfaces it can also lurk in walls and other areas that are relatively inaccessible and may go unexamined by the homeowner. Another clue that there may be a mold problem is a persistent ‘musty’ odor present without any identifiable source.

If mold is spotted in the home the correct course of action is to call in a professional who can conduct a thorough assessment of the property. Mold testing can include taking air samples, as well as using tape sampling to obtain specimens that will then be sent to a laboratory in order to identify the strains of mold that are present in the home. Once this process is complete then the company that is doing the mold testing will be in a better position to identify the threat that the mold represents and plan for a thorough treatment of the home.

The professional mold testing company will also be able to identify the source of problems that may be contributing to increased levels of moisture in the home. This is especially important – without addressing these issues there is every possibility that mold will return.

Finding a professional, licensed, insured and certified mold testing company is the first step to successfully dealing with a mold problem. Ask the local company you are considering for references and ask how long they have been in business- the longer they have been around the higher the chances are that they provide exceptional service and value the building of long-lasting customer relationships.

If you suspect that your Park City Utah home may have a mold problem then find a reputable company to come in and test. It is a problem that can get worse very quickly and adversely affect both the health of those on the property and the value of your home. Do not delay – take action as soon as you suspect a problem.


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