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Those who reside in Santaquin Utah, have a reassuring knowledge that they have a leading and reliable mold removal company in The Flood Co. Our technicians have serviced Utah for 20 years and are trained and experienced in every kind of mold testing and removal.

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Mold Remediation Service in Santaquin, Utah and Utah County

Mold can be found in just about every place you find. It is equally important, however, to understand and identify which molds have the potential to be harmful to you and which ones are not only not harmful to you and your family, but in many cases are necessary for nature. It is for these reasons we feel mold removal in Santaquin Utah is very important for all potential customers to consider.

Mold Remediation Services in Utah and Juab Counties

Our friendly, courteous, experienced mold removal staff in Santaquin Utah will be happy to help you with identifying the molds that require testing and mold removal in Santaquin Utah and will perform tests for these molds specifically as well as mold removal and damage remediation in Santaquin Utah.

We do advise and encourage you to realize it is extremely crucial to understand the need for mold removal in Santaquin Utah. Our removal and remediation technicians can help you identify that need in your home by testing and analyzing the current situation in your home.

Perhaps the first and most important thing you will need to understand is that mold spores are tiny, microscopic, lightweight, and easily detached by airflow, vacuuming, walking on carpet, or sitting on a couch; they are also capable of growing in indoor environments and thrive best in carpets, hardwoods, walls & any porous materials and water damage. It is important to note mold is also able to produce and release millions of other spores, all of which are lightweight and tiny enough to stay airborne.

While most molds are seemingly harmless, there are a few molds in particular that have the capacity to trigger allergic reactions similar to those caused by plant pollen. These growths in particular are often seen in the form of discoloration, ranging from white to orange and from green to brown or black.

Perhaps the most dangerous of all indoor molds is Stachybotrys Chartarum, or “black mold”. Black mold is called this because it specifically has a dark green or black color and produces a particular mycotoxin which is thought to be the root cause for “sick building syndrome”. Technicians stress that these are the reasons black mold is tested for more than any other specific mold during our mold removal testing procedures in Santaquin Utah. The Flood Co. strongly encourages that if you have black mold, you should notify our mold removal staff in Santaquin Utah immediately.

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