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Centerville Utah Mold Testing Services

Having Mold Testing Taken Care Of By The Flood Co.

We have been providing customers with disaster relief for many years. Those who put their trust in us get their property value back and make their home livable again. While disaster relief is one of the largest services we perform, The Flood Co. also helps families who need their homes inspected for mold.

Few understand the health consequences that can come from a mold infestation. Having mold in your home can cause respiratory issues and offset allergies. It’s even been linked to the onset of dementia. The health consequences are perhaps the most important thing to pay attention to. With that, mold can dramatically reduce the value of your home.

Most homeowners have mold in their homes without knowing it. Some are tipped off by a musty odor in their air. In a few cases, homeowners have actually been able to physically see the mold in their homes. Regardless of whether you have noticed an odor or have seen physical signs, it’s important to have your home tested for mold at least annually. We have performed many mold tests that have helped keep our clients have. Here’s how the process works.

We Take An Air Sample

The best way to discover mold in a person’s home is through an air sample. Mold spores are not visible to the naked eye when they are dispensed in the air. It may be difficult to confirm the type of mold present without an air sample. Even if mold is present on a piece of wood, this does not assess the level of danger it can cause you and your family. Different types of mold are more dangerous than others.

How We Take A Sample

There are three methods we and other mold companies use when taking an air sample. Taking an air sample is quite different from doing a swab test or drawing blood. We often take impaction samples by using an air pump. These impactions can easily be placed on a microscope slide. Cassette samplers are done in much the same way; however, the sample collector may be disposable.

There is a method that’s better for identifying what species of mold is in your air. This method is done by placing airborne particle collectors in the home. Regardless of the method we choose, a correct result will come back, and we’ll discuss your options.


The air sample is taken for analysis to a lab. The laboratory can assess how much mold is in your air, and the type of mold it is. This can give us a good idea of the severity of the situation when it gets back to our professionals. The test can also help determine if the mold has been exposed to you and by how much.

The Importance Of Knowing

As said, discovering the type and severity of your mold problem is the best way to help us find you a solution. Homeowners who neglect this important part of home maintenance may develop health issues when it is too late. They may also have trouble taking back the value of their home.

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