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The Flood Co. helps Sandy Utah residents identify potential mold problems and deal with them to make your home a safer place. Our mold inspection and testing services are highly specialized and each of our specialists is not only certified and licensed but also has vast experience with the latest mold testing techniques.

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Mold Inspection and Mold Removal Service in Sandy, Utah & Salt Lake County

Mold is a sneaky fungus that thrives in a moist, darkened area where there is no moving air. As it grows, it releases spores that travel through the air and if they settle in a suitable spot, the growth continues. As long as the basic conditions are met, the mold will grow at a tremendous rate, especially when left unchecked. Mold inspection and removal are essential for two reasons. One it causes allergies aggravation, asthma, and other respiratory conditions. Two, it causes damage to the surface it’s growing on.

If you suspect that you have a mold problem in your house, do not attempt to remove it on your own, especially because you may not know how to deal with it without exposing yourself to danger. Mold attaches itself to almost everything and when you rub it off the wall, all you’re doing is just stirring up the spores and distributing them in the air. That’s why it is important to avail of professional services like us.

What Occurs During a Mold Inspection?

For the most part, mold inspection is a visual inspection of a structure. No special tools are required other than a good flashlight and some tools needed to access restricted spaces like HVAC ducts. A camera may be required in some cases and a moisture meter is helpful in determining whether a certain area is wet, particularly after remediation.

A standard Sandy Utah mold inspection services involve our inspector talking to you about any places that seem to have mold or where there have been water damage or moisture issues in the past. Our specialist will go over your home thoroughly, checking places that are prone to mold. If there’s a chance mold is growing in an area that’s inaccessible, we may have to damage a section of your drywall to get a better look. If mold is detected, our specialist will attempt to find the source of the moisture.

When to Inspect for Mold

Situations, where you should assess mold issues, include:

Water Damage – If your roof is leaking, the basement flooded or broken pipes have sprayed water all over a room, you need to avail of mold inspection services.

Bought a new house – There’s no way of telling the kind of water damage that may have affected the home you’re planning to buy, making mold inspection essential.

You see some mold – If you come across some blue, white, black, or green stuff growing in your home, it’s time to do a mold inspection to ensure you find it all.

Mold can be a nightmare when not handled properly, and so, it is important to seek professional services when it comes to inspection, testing, and most importantly, remediation. Get in touch with The Flood Co today for professional services!

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