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The Dangers Of Mold In The Home And The Importance Of Testing


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Not only are those black spots on your shower curtain or those pale spots on the floor of the basement unsightly, but they can also be extremely detrimental to the health of you and your family. Mold in homes can cause a variety of health issues and if anyone in the family suffers from asthma or other health issues that affect the respiratory system the presence of mold can be life-threatening. Mold can also cause severe health problems to those with allergies for those with allergies mold can cause skin irritation, excess production of mucous and eye irritation among other symptoms.

But even if you do not suffer from allergies the presence of mold can cause irritation to the eyes, skin, as well as affect the lungs.

In the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina in 2005 houses were infested with black mold. This led to many of the houses being condemned as uninhabitable and it is no wonder. According to the World Health Organization, the effects of mold can include not only respiratory symptoms but also immunological reactions, inflammation, and a variety of toxic responses caused by microorganisms, spores, and other airborne particulate matter. Rare conditions such as hypersensitivity pneumonitis, chronic sinusitis, and allergic alveolitis can also be the result of exposure to molds.

Mold growth is usually the result of moisture in the home. Although some molds can easily be seen with the naked eye on exposed surfaces mold can also lurk behind walls and in parts of the home that are not easily accessible. It can be extremely difficult to gauge the extent of mold growth. The prudent approach to dealing with a mold problem is to call in professionals to conduct a mold inspection.

Those who conduct the inspection will be able to identify where the mold is most prevalent and what remedial action needs to take place in order to deal with the problem. One of the most important parts of the inspection is precisely identifying the cause of the high levels of moisture in certain parts of the home. Only by dealing with this problem will mold be eliminated.

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A professional mold inspection company in Sandy Utah will take tape samples from different areas in the home and send these away to a third-party laboratory for testing. This will help to identify the type of mold and what level the mold is in the home.

It is vitally important that mold problems are dealt with as quickly as possible. Allowing mold to spread may have extremely negative effects on the health of those in the home and also on the value of the property. In extreme cases, remedial action may not even be possible. This can lead to the house being uninhabitable and the loss of a valuable asset and investment.

If you think you may have a mold problem then make sure to select a professional company for the inspection. There are few regulatory standards governing the services of professional mold inspection companies. Read online reviews and ask for contactable references.

If you are in Sandy Utah and suspect a mold issue then take action quickly. Identify a professional local service provider and get that inspection done. This is one of those instances where any delay can have tremendously adverse consequences.

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