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Sewage cleanup is necessary to provide a clean, safe and pleasant area to live in after an emergency. Sewage cleanup is almost always an emergency since deadly and dangerous viruses, bacteria and chemicals live in sewage water.

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Sewage Cleanup Service in Salt Lake City, Utah & Salt Lake County

This is not something to be attempted by yourself. Those who choose to hire a company to resolve this issue often have the best result.

Why Hiring A Sewage Cleanup Salt Lake City Utah Service Is Important

Hiring a professional company is necessary since all the clean-up involved and the repairs that need to be made require professional expertise. We’ve all fixed a backed-up toilet by ourselves. This is a much easier accomplishment as there are fewer problems associated with the damage.

A professional sewage cleanup company can also do the job quickly. Waiting can cause contamination to get worse and lead to more serious issues in the end. Calling us right away will help us solve the issue quickly. This will lead to the least amount of harm happening to you and your family.

There are several different types of sewage problems that are described in terms of categories. Our sewage cleanup Salt Lake City service can help identify the issues happening and restore them to the best possible with a correct assessment of the problem.

Category 1

A category 1 sewage emergency is the most non-threatening as it involves clean water. A broken pipe or leaking faucet is often the culprit. While category 1 problems can cause flooding in the home, the most common result is a higher water bill. Be sure to call our team as soon as possible to have this problem fixed.

Category 2

Category 2 is known for the leakage of greywater. Category 2 can come with threats to your health and the health of those around you. A Leak is described as category 2 when it is an overflow of the dishwasher, washing machine, or toilet. For a toilet overflow to be considered category 2, it must only contain urine or no urine. Feces cannot be present. There is a risk of viruses and bacteria spreading throughout the home in this category.

Category 3

The category 3 sewage emergency is the worst that can possibly happen. The water that’s invading the house is highly dangerous and contaminated. In this situation, it’s possible you’ll have to leave the house until the problem can be resolved. The water coming from the sewer damage can kill you if ingested or contacted. This is considered a priority emergency when we are contacted. We at The Flood Co. can clean up this emergency before it causes serious harm. Deadly bacteria, viruses, and harsh chemicals are always present. Toilets with feces, flooding rivers, standing water, and sewage backup create these emergencies.

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The Flood Co. will be right on the case to help anyone who is experiencing a serious flooding emergency in the Salt Lake City Utah area. Be sure to contact us right away. The problem needs to be resolved as soon as possible.

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