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Testing for mold in Salt Lake City, Utah is highly important to protect your family and yourself. We all forget to do maintenance tasks sometimes. It’s easy to get caught up with life and take care of the things that can harm us the most.


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Mold Testing and Inspection in Salt Lake City, Utah and Salt Lake County

Testing For Mold In Salt Lake City, Utah and the Surrounding Areas

Mold can be described as an invisible health risk as it is often unnoticeable or even impossible to see. We all know crossing the street is dangerous when we see a car coming. Our caution bubble lights up. The reaction we have to dangers we can see keeps us well protected from it.

Customers who work with us at The Flood Co. Receive regular reminders when it is time to have their home checked for mold. We understand that this is a significant health risk. Beyond that, it can also destroy a home’s property value. This becomes even more worrisome when black mold is present. Our tests are better than any do-it-yourself ones. We can perform a test that will indicate what type of mold is present. How do we do it?

Mold Testing Methods

Molding testing is done by using a piece of tape or taking an air sample. It is relatively cheap and does not have to be done very often.

Tape testing helps us find a mold that is resting on surfaces. Mold can rest on surfaces and be invisible to the naked eye. Taking a piece of tape and applying it to a surface collects on the material resting on it. We know how to collect a proper sample using tape. Homeowners who try to do this method themselves may not know that it isn’t as simple as sticking a piece of tape to the wall and then sending it in. The tape has to be used in multiple locations. Having mold in your home does not mean that it’s resting on every surface.

Air testing is testing the level of mold that is present in the air. This is often done with a collector or air pump. Taking an air sample can also test the type of mold it is; however, the tape method is sometimes more reliable for this. If there is a mold problem in your home it will be present in the air. That’s part of how it causes all those adverse health effects.

It’s An Extremely Quick Process

One of our employees does not have to be in your home very long to test for mold. No damage has to be done to the interior walls to collect a sample. Not everyone with mold will see clear signs on surfaces. You definitely want to have your mold problem taken care of before this occurs.

Providing Salt Lake City, Utah With Affordable Service

We’ve been providing Salt Lake City with affordable services when it comes to mold testing and irradiation and with our disaster relief services. Those who are concerned about a mold problem should trust their home with a company that has taken care of many. Contact The Flood Co. to find out more information on how we can serve you.

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