Water Damage Cleanup Service in Provo, Utah

Water damage can strike without warning and commercial, industrial, and residential locations alike can be exposed to the serious damage a water-related disaster can bring. In a situation like this, don’t reach for a bucket and mop, call in the professionals.

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Water Damage Remediation Service in Provo, Utah & Utah County

The Flood Co. has years of experience addressing water damage from all types of sources including sewers and polluted canal overflow. Call us today to learn more about our special brand of water damage cleanup Provo Utah.

Experienced Professionals with a Fast & Precise Response

Water damage and disasters can come from a variety of sources and each will require special treatment to contain and restore the damage completely. Even water from a broken pipe or rain overflow – which is essentially clean water – will need a fast solution so that the moisture does not get a chance to soak deeply into materials.

But, if water comes from polluted or contaminated sources a more intensive cleaning operation will be in order. Damage from “gray” and “black” and black water sources carries contaminants toxins and pathogens that can cause disease and seriously affect your property and belongings.

You can expect the water damage and restoration experts from The Flood Co. to arrive on-site with a full set of tools and an understanding of the situation that ensures the situation will be addressed effectively.

What to Expect From a Water Damage Cleanup Provo Utah Service

When the floodwater begins to rise the damage is already beginning to set in and a fast response is needed. Here is what you can expect from our reputable water damage services.

Flood & Damage Control

The first thing to do is to begin stopping the incoming water and removing the water present on the property. We have all the tools to have the water removed shortly and will begin those areas most vulnerable to damage.

Addressing the Contamination

Once the floodwaters have been abated, it will be time to begin addressing the potential contamination. There can be any number of contaminants, pollutants, and pathogens in the water and we will provide the proper cleaning agents to ensure that your property is left in perfectly clean and sanitary conditions.

Drying and Ventilating

After the water has been removed there may still be plenty of moisture that has soaked into walls, floors, and other materials and belongings. Our professional water removal services are never finished until every last drop of water has been removed. We have powerful air movers, blowers, and industrial-strength fans that will work to dry the soaked water fast. For black and gray water, we will use biodegradable cleaning compounds to wick up the last vestiges of moisture and ensure your property is left clean and healthy.

Cleaning and Sanitizing

Finally, once all vestiges of water are gone, we will perform a final go-over with deodorizers and disinfectants to ensure that no pathogens or mold spores exist in the area to create further problems. It is our mission to leave your property as clean and dry as before the water arrived.

If you are in need of specialized and experienced water damage cleanup Provo Utah service, don’t wait too long! Call the reputable services of The Flood Co. today.

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